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35 лет со дня Чернобыльской. Fallout 2 (1998). [En/Ru]. #8. Gecko. To fix reactor or to destroy it.

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[En/Ru] Fallout 2 - Истории Разработки, Allusions, Inspirations, Сквозь Аналитическое Прохождение Избранного.
https://www.twitch.tv/trueneutralevgenius - main streaming channel.
If you like what I do and want to see me more playing and streaming, then you can support (мотивировать меня и канал, видеть больше стримов):
PayPal: TrueNeutralEvGenius@gmail.com
The best way - straight transfer to one of my accounts through Visa card number:
4276 five five zero zero 3247 4861
WebMoney purses: Z285533917785; R128923243871
Yandex purse: 410012697802655

Greetings. I'm TrueNeutralEvGenius. My channel is dedicated to the great art, masterpieces of all time, outstanding music, literature, cinema, demoscene, science, mathematics, physics, AI, philosophy, history, enlightment, education, any kind of art, including brilliant oldschool games (mainly on PC and Sega).

About me? "Tl;dr": Polymath. Misanthrope. Nihilist. Nonconformist. Cynic. Cognitive Scientist. Connoisseur of Tragedy, Cyberpunk and Dystopia genres.
Music: Blues, Jazz, Blues-rock, Electronic, Ambient, Classical.
Games: Strategies (RTSs & TBSs), RPGs, CCGs. Oldschool mainly.

That's it. Sapienti sat.

Originally from Solar System. Age unknown (rumours go wild).
IQ over 9500, twilight genius, as they say. And no, I'm not arrogant.

There is no spoon.

Feel yourself free here. Don't be shy to watch and write in chat. Anonymous mates and lurkers are welcome as well. Have a good time.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...
I could tell you about my life,
And keep you amused I'm sure.
Man of Constant Sorrow.
No Black and White in the Blue.
I'm the Lonely Ship in the Ocean.
They call me 'The Seeker'.
The Master of Everything, the Master of None.
No one ever listens, I just play and then I go
Off into the Sunset...

After I streamed some amount of time... I must say, I've never thought, that playing and at the same time interacting with audience will be so interesting, nice and fun. Afterall I partially created this channel to fight with my anonymity, sociopathy and so on.

Usually streaming on english and/or russian languages.

Еще раз приветствую всех славян и русскоговорящих. Да, русский язык мой родной язык, но здесь порой предпочитаю разговаривать на английском. И, к слову, поначалу я стримил только на английском. Это я к тому, что аудитория интернациональная, чтобы вы понимали.

Probably my channel and streams are for adult and mature audience in all senses. You can hear harsh sarcasm here, ironies, satire and so on.

https://www.twitch.tv/TrueNeutralEvGenius - main channel.

https://twitter.com/TrueNeutralEvG - для анонсов стримов и прочего.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-CHVse0xSYyBW3mDhf8hHiLcHe-xtmek_jFWLRhnYzw/edit#gid=0 - made google doc for finished streams, games, scores, my comments, so on.

Favourite games in plans to play and stream here (in these I'm really quite good):

Baldur's Gate (1 and 2: Shadows of Amn) (1998-2000)
Planescape: Torment (1999)
Arcanum (2001)
Fallout (1, 2) (And also ancestor - Wasteland) (1988, 1997-1998) +-
StarCraft (1 ofc!) (1998) +
Total Annihilation (1997) +-
Master of Orion II (1996) +-
Heroes III of Might and Magic (and also ancestor - King's Bounty) (1990, 1999) +-
TES III: Morrowind (2002)
System Shock (1, 2) (1994, 1999) +-
Deus Ex (1 ofc!) (2000)
Космические Рейнджеры (Space Rangers) (2002)
Age of Wonders (1 and maybe next) (1999-...) +
Dungeon Keeper (1-2) (1997-1999)
Allods (1-2) (1998-1999)
Betrayal at Krondor (1993)
Max Payne (1, 2) (2001-2003)
Jagged Alliance (1, 2) (1994, 1999) +

Uncharted Waters (1, 2: New Horizons) (1991, 1994)
Shining Force (I-II) (1992, 1993) +-
ShadowRun (1994) +
Rings of Power (1991)
Lord Monarch (1994) +
Genghis Khan II (1992) +
Langrisser Hikari (Warsong) (I-II) (1991, 1994) +-
Herzog Zwei (1989) +
Dune II (1992) +
Phantasy Star II (1989)
Syndicate (1993)
Rock'n'Roll Racing (1993) +-
P.T.O. (1992)
Operation Europe (1993)
Aerobiz Supersonic (1994)
Mega Lo Mania (1991) +-
Light Crusader (1995) +
Vectorman (1-2) (1995-1996) +
Sonic (1991-...) +-

Lode Runner (1983) +-
Battle City (1985) +-
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (1990)
Darkwing Duck (1992) +

Shadowrun (1993) +
Final Fantasy V (1992)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (1991)

Probably I forgot something.

Have a good time.

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